Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Situation and Devotion Vodka

I know, I know. This isn't Haute Bride or bridal related, but I wanted to give my hubby a shout out for all that he is accomplishing! He's been working his butt off for the past two years on Devotion Vodka, world's first protein infused vodka! This summer, they signed with the Mike The Situation Sorrentino from the Jersey Shore to be their spokesperson and part owner of the company. I know not everyone is a Jersey Shore fan, or Situation fan for that matter... But, he's actually a pretty nice guy! And my hubby deserves to know that all of his hard work that he's been putting in is GOING to pay off here very soon! Below are a few photos from this weekend's bottle signing event at the Jug Shop in San Francisco. It was the Situation's first time to SF and it seems like he had a good time! After the bottle signing, they cruised on over to hubby's sushi restaurant, Mas Sake, and I couldn't help but get a good laugh at all of the "Situations" dressed up for Halloween! Everywhere you turned, There was the Sitch or Snooki! You should have seen people's faces when in walks the Real Deal! Priceless. Way go hubby! XO
(Above) My handsome hubby, second guy on the left side next to the Sitch! (Below) Loyal fans patiently waiting in line for the Situation to show up and start his bottle signing!

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