Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brides We Love... Jen (and her hubby Angelo!)

We have had the opportunity to work so many wonderful brides, including this absolutely gorgeous fashionista from NY, Jen! She had such a craving for the sparkly things in life and so she was a perfect bride for us! :) Jen is one of the most talented MAC make up artists in NYC so you can imagine how fabulous she looked at her wedding. Her wedding gown was a blush colored Vera Wang so we designed Vintage Rose and platinum accessories to match the gown. Her teardrop earrings matched her engagement ring, and she wore a custom designed B628 style bracelet, two coordinating bangles on the other wrists and a Swarovski rhinestone bouquet brooch on her feather accented calla lily bouquet. Excited to say that I've developed a new friend from this relationship that sparked last year before her Oct wedding. Check out some of these amazing photos!

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Simply LoveLee said...

Absolutely love this! Do you have any information on which photobooth Jen used and where her reception was held?